A resident.We realize the extreme expense that is endured while keeping a loved one at an assisted living home; our policy is to attempt to keep the ‘extra’ costs to a minimum. Our pricing is simple; it does not involve increases as the resident’s health declines and needs more care. We are also cognizant of extra charges, such as transportation to hospital, medications and other services. We use non-emergency carriers (ambulances etc) to transport our residents to appointments for services that cannot be accomplished at the facility. Also, when non-vital medications are prescribed, we will attempt to have the doctor substitute generic medications or over the counter meds (with your approval) to help save money on medications.

Price Sheet:

Shared rooms from $3,550.00/month; private rooms from $3,950.00/month.

There is no application fee.Two residents.

There is no community fee.

There is no deposit.

Non-covered charges:

Medication cost:  We will pick up meds, pay and dispense to your loved one as prescribed by the doctor. You will be responsible for the price of medicines only.

Incontinent products:  The actual cost of the diaper, wipes and gloves used will be added to the following months billing.

Nutritional foods:  While all meals and snacks are included, anytime a resident is prescribed a nutritional substitute (Ensure, Boost) the cost of that food is passed on to the responsible party.

For more information, or to schedule an appointment:

Call: 512-258-5561